Yo. I’m Murph. I currently spend my days as senior financial analyst for a technology startup, and formerly spent them as an analyst for a billion dollar institutional fixed income manager. I’ve also consulted on a variety of projects from small business operations, to advising on private investments.
I’m obsessed with markets and python, and spend a lot of my free time tinkering with all sorts of projects to satisfy curiosities around whatever I’m reading, listening to, and thinking about at the moment as it relates to finance, investing, and programming.
I’m a finance guy, not a software engineer, so my python is all self-taught (read: god-tier error message googler). I figured since I was exploring all of these ideas anyway, I might as well spray them into the universe in case there were other curious minds on the path and trying to level up their game.
Each RBLNCD project featured typically has two themes: the financial topics or techniques explored, and the technical skills utilized. Depending on what you’re into, come for one and stay for the other!
You’ll see a broad range of topics and complexity, from simple techniques like how to calculate total return, to deeper dives like web scrapers to track ETF holdings and systematic fixed income factor investing strategies.
happy tinkering,
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